The Seventh Annual Integration Bee

The UConn AMS Graduate Student Chapter hosted the 7th Annual Integration Bee on Thursday, November 16. Like last year, the Bee began with a 15 minute preliminary round. The top 14 students proceeded to the main event and were paired against each other to solve integrals at the whiteboard. In each round, if the student did not finish in the given time, or finished but provided an incorrect solution, they received a strike. After a student received two strikes, they were eliminated from the competition.

The mathematics department funded $30, $20, and $10 Amazon gift cards as prizes. Blaze Pizza also generously donated two Dinner for Two gift cards.

Reigning Integration Bee champion Srijan Raghunath successfully defended his title and finished in first place this year! The top five finishers were: Srijan Raghunath (1st), Yuting Ye (2nd), Leonard Schweitzer (3rd), Omkar Maralappanavar (4th), and Miranda Jia (5th). Congratulations to everyone who participated, and we hope to see you again next year!