The Sixth Annual Integration Bee

On November 17, 2022, the UConn graduate student chapter of the AMS held its Sixth Annual Integration Bee. Undergraduates of varying levels of mathematical background came together to test their knowledge of integrals. For the first round, all students were given the same four integrals to work out on a sheet of paper. To advance to the second round, they needed to solve two out of the four integrals correctly within fifteen minutes. In the succeeding rounds, students took turns in groups of two to three, going to the whiteboard to compute a randomly chosen integral in under four minutes. In each round, if the student did not finish in the given time, or finished but provided an incorrect solution, they received a strike. After a student received two strikes, they were eliminated from the competition.

After several rounds of integrals, the two final contestants were Srijan Raghunath and Jonathan Schwartz. In the final round, Srijan took first place after solving the tie-breaker. We also had a battle for third, fourth, and fifth place based on who could solve some simpler integrals quickest. Congratulations to the winners: Srijan Raghunath (1st), Jonathan Schwartz (2nd), Mohnish Peddi (3rd), Jackson Caldwell (4th), and Jay Patel (5th)!

The top five contestants received gift cards which were generously donated by Blaze Pizza and Dog Lane Cafe.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Bee, as well as our judges who helped check the accuracy of the students’ answers. See you next year!